a skype question

Panagiotis Antonopoulos

Hi all,

Since updating to the latest jaws update, wiiiith which I have no problems at all, I have been faced with a slightly new skype inconvenience. I am having skype v8.28. The new shortcut for conversation, as indicated I jaws’s What’s new, insrt-contrl-n, works well, but I find it rather inconvenient on my keybord. When I use the old keystroke alt-1, I receive the message “err unknown script call to: sayachatline.”

Is this what it should be after the update, and I just have to use the new keystroke which works fine for me, or has there been something more complex? If it requires serious technical adaptation, I’d rather forget it.

                                T              ha           nk you for any help, Takis

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