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I beg to differ with your statement that many if not most sighted folks prefer bottom posting. Back in my sighted work days, I certainly preferred top posting as did the majority of my co-workers. I'm sort of scratching my head wondering where you drew that conclusion since most want to get to a response as quickly as possible whether sighted or not and top posting yields the quickest response.

Alan Lemly

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Many, if not most sighted folk prefer bottom posting.
To them, it makes sense.
Sighted folk can simply look past all the past info and glance down to the new information.
I think some Blind folk like to do this because they may feel that it normalizes them to some degree because most sighted users do this.
I think anyone would be hard pressed to find a screenreader user who prefers bottom-posting, because we are forced to reread the non-relevant information at the top.
Usually when we read a message of a particular thread, we have been following the thread and we just want to read the next reply and that is why I call that non-relevant.
And if we come into a thread late, it is no big deal to arrow down to discover what the above message was referring to.
I'm bringing this topic up because I have read some bottom-posted messages on this list in the past and the moderators prefer that we top-post.
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That may be so, but I am not in the habit of searching for a reply which should be at the top of the message, and nor should anyone else!
Refer to the list guidelines for proper posting practices.

Richard Q. Justice-list moderator

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Hi, there was a message however it was right near the bottom.

Larry was commenting on the cost for his jaws compared to the price quoted for the other person.

Larry, the $90 offer is only available in US at the moment but they are hoping to at some stage open it up to all countries.

Hope this helps.
From Shaz.
Canberra, Australia.

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If you have something constructive to say, then say it, do not re-post what has already been said.

Richard Q. Justice-list moderator

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On 4/21/19, John Gassman <> wrote:
If she lives in the United States, she can move from JAWS 14 to 2019
for just $90.00.
She'll be able to authorize it legally.
If she doesn't live here, she'll have to wait until the home annual
license is released world wide.
I hope that will be in the near future but so far no date has been

At 07:37 AM 4/21/2019, you wrote:
I do not believe this is a question to be discussed on here as it goes
to copyright violation.

From: Kevin
Sent: Saturday, April 20, 2019 10:10 PM
Subject: [jaws-users] activating jaws

I have a friend who is running windows 7 with jaws 14 installed.
Currently jaws 14 is set to startup when the computer does.
I gave her my old cd of jaws 17 with a valid authorization.
She has got jaws 17 installed but not
authorized so she is still using 14 and 17 is sitting on her computer.
My question is how can she authorize 17. She gets like oh no I have
no speech what do I do!
Basically because she doesn’

E-mail is golden!!!
Kevin Lee

David Ferrin
Marriage is the process of finding out what kind of man your wife
would have preferred.

JAWS Certified, 2014.

Wow! Here in Canada it cost me more than $600.00 to go from JAWS 14 to 2019.

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