Re: needed: specs for small 10 inch notebook

John M.

Hi John,

Checkout a used Lenovo Thinkpad series machine. I use both a X220 and an X270. My X220 is running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit with Jaws 2019 and Office 2010. Even with its older I5 processor and 8GB or RAM, it is a very speedy computer. I believe that it is an 11" screen. It has a decent keyboard, as do most Thinkpads. However, I always travel with a full size wireless keyboard, as I am too darn old to learn/retain the Jaws laptop layout.

You should be able to find a nice used X220 on eBay for $250 or less. I believe that the X220 was current in 2012. I purchased mine used in 2015 for $300. The X270 is a very nice computer. Same size screen as the X220, but mine has an I7 processor and 16GB RAM. It is a bit lighter than the X220, but not by much. It is a screamer. The X270 was current in 2017. I purchased it last year as new, old stock for $1000 from eBay. Also, both computers have a SSD hard drive. My entire family has had/currently has Thinkpads and they are fantastic machines. I highly recommend them.



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