Re: JAWS and the Mueller Report

Ann Byrne

I use OpenBook when convenient OCR can't do it.

At 01:12 PM 4/21/2019, you wrote:
Let me be clear: I'm not trying to start a political discussion!
I've searched the Web for a version of the Mueller Report that's easy for JAWS to read. On more than one website, the entire text is copied, but each of the 440+ pages has a lot of heading text that's very distracting. I've also downloaded the PDF file of the report. JAWS says it's an "empty document," and so I initiate Convenient OCR. However, it can't get past page 182 without getting hung. I've tried three times.

So, two questions. First, has anyone here found a readable version of the report?
Second, more broadly, has anyone found a solution when a PDF file is apparently too big for JAWS Convenient OCR to process?

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