Stascom Utility fixed link

Chris Chaffin

Hello All,

For those that tried to download the Stascom Utility program yesterday, I contacted Jacques regarding the broken link on his site for the Stascom Utility.
He has now fixed the link, and you can now download the program.

Please find the direct download link below for your convenience. I have tested it out, and it does work this time.
For your convenience, I have put a list of the hotkeys below.

Download Link:

Control+1, Contact manager
Control+2, Reminder Manager
Control+3, Windows Applications and settings
Control+4, Password Generator
Control+5, Word Count for Selected Text
Control+6, Day of the Week
Control+7, Configuration manager
Control+8, Exclude Window Title from maximizing
Control+9, Generate Configuration report
control+\, Program Dashboard
Control+Windows+Up or Down arrow, adjust computer volume.

Just a final note.
This little program has many great features, and it works with any screen reader.
Even though I do like the reminders, password generator, and other features, my favorites are:
* Maximizing Windows: I like the fact that all of my program windows will automatically be maximized. This helps from any basic problems with my screen reader.
* Muting Volume is disabled with minimum volume being required. Many times I accidently hit the mute key on my function key row muting my volume and would always forget which key it was exactly. Now with this feature, I do not have to worry about this ever happening!
* Control System Volume on the fly. Being able to turn up or down the system volume with a hotkey is so convenient and makes adjusting the system volume quick and easy.
* Reporting Battery Status. Since I use a laptop, letting me know what my battery status is on a regular basis helps alert me when I should plug in my laptop to charge.
* Time Announcement. I have mine set to announce every 15 minutes. This just helps me keep up with the time and helps keep me on task.

Of coarse, keep in mind that you can turn off any of the features within the configuration manager.



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