Re: Chrome CAPTCHA solution: how to install

chris judge

Yes, I too would like to thank Mike for clarifying the instructions.



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Sent: April 16, 2019 9:56 AM
Subject: [jaws-users] Chrome CAPTCHA solution: how to install


I’ve just succeeded in installing this extension, although I haven’t yet encountered a webpage to test it. I couldn’t have done it without Mike B’s additions to the developer’s instructions. In case it helps others, I thought I’d re-post the instructions with Mike’s suggestions incorporated. I also include a quick way of getting to Chrome extensions and a note on copying the file path. Again, all credit to Mike.


First, here’s the link to the download page:


To download the extension:

1.            Unzip the file.

2.            Copy the file path by pressing shift-F10, arrowing up to the option and pressing enter. (The applications key doesn’t bring up the option on my system.)

3. Go to extensions section in Chrome, chrome://extensions by pressing alt-f, l, e.

4. Toggle on "Developer mode"

5. Click on "Load unpacked"

6. Tabbed 1 time to an edit field and paste the file path of the unzipped folder.

7. Tabbed to the select folder button and pressed spacebar. The extension is installed.

8. Toggle off "Developer mode"

9. Done


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