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Texting From Your PC:.

Go to your email program.
And where you type the address in
type the 10 digit number plus
(Text only.)
Or, ( Pictures and attachments using Verizon for example.
In the subject write your first name.
Then, write the message.
Then send it out the usual way.
Once this message is sent using outlook, the number is added to the
selective address list.

For the USA and Canada:

Below are other address's:
Note: Many cell phone carriers allocate e-mail addresses to their customers'
phone numbers to enable
them to receive e-mail text messages. If you know the carrier of the cell
phone you want to send text
messages to, you can use it instead of the domain name. Here
are the domain names of some
of the more popular carriers:

AT & T:







Verizon: (text only)
or (photos and video) [

source: Slipstick Systems

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thanks for this information.

Legend has it that on Sunday 4/7/2019 01:06 PM, Mike B said:

Note: I was using J16 & IE11 for the steps below.
It requires a captcha but, it's a very easy process. Try these steps.
1. Click on the link below: and you'll be on an edit field, so press
enter to open forms mode and enter the phone number, then after you
type in the number press the PC cursor key to close forms mode


2. Down arrow to the math question, 3 + 4=, now down arrow a couple of
times to the edit field to enter the answer. Press enter to open and
type the answer into the field, now tab 1 time to, Search, and press enter.

3. Now down arrow to find the carrier of the phone number you entered.
You'll hear another captcha but, ignore it, this captcha doesn't need
to be solved to get your results, just keep down arrowing to the results.

Take care. Mike. Sent from my iBarstool. Go Dodgers!
I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to
please everybody.
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but it rquires a capcha entry, dang-it!

Legend has it that on Saturday 4/6/2019 03:20 PM, ­½ Devilish Joseph­
I haven't read the replies just yet but here is a free tool to get
the MSN gateway for any cell enjoy
It has both the text as well as the sending a file address. I have
been using it for a few years
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Spectrum mobile seems to be the new kid on the block for cell
service. Does anyone know what to type in after the 10-digit number
for spectrum?


Kimsan Song


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