Need some WLM help please.

Ron Kolesar

Hello to all.
I'm using the latest version of JAWS VER 2019 and the latest copy of win 10.
For some reason
1. my mail is automatically opening and since it automatically is open my
letters in my mail box, I can't see the rest of my mail in my mailbox or
down arrow to the rest of my mailboxes.
2. It shows the subject in the pc cursor mode, but to read the letter, I
need to route the pc currsor to the JAWS cursor before I can read the
I shouldn't have to do this.
3. When I go to use the alt V to aline my messages so that the newest is at
the bottom, it will not allow me to do this.
Would deeply appreciate some help on reversing the process so that the newer
mail is at the bottom once again.
4. My entire address book if I do a Alt N then a ctrl shift c I then can see
all of my addresses.
But If I want to write a letter or to get a e-mail address from that person,
I need to go to my external hard drive and grab the address from there then
go and add it to the letter just like I had to do for the letter that I'm
writing now.
But it is allowing me to proof read my letter within the pc cursor mode
while I'm writing this letter off to the group.
Now it also won't allow me to start typing the person's name or nick name
and throw the address into the to field like it's suppose to do as well.
For example, for my ham radio friends, I have in the nickname their call
sign, and all I had to do was to type their call sign and the address would
pop up in the to field.
Well, that isn't happening now.
It's looking like the one item has been fixed.
I at least now can start the beginning of my contact's name and or call sign and it will copy that info to the to field after all.
Also, for me, I went to my c drive then to users then to koles and went to
Even though I can see my entire address book within WLM, down deep under
coles there's only one item in the contact folder.
How can I take the addresses from the address book that's inside wlm and
make a copy down in the contacts down under Kolesar C, Users Kole contacts?
So, is it JAWS 2019 issues that I'm having or is it WLM issues that I'm
I'd be willing to link up via the link up tool that's within JAWS if someone
could help me out.
Could use some serious help please.
Very Thankfully Yours Ron

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