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Micheal you are going to have to explaine where you are when you press the tab a couple of times in order to delete an event that you said you were going to because when I go to my activity wall in my profile and arow down to the event I want to delete and then tab a few times it just tabs to all the items I have listed in the events

Re: [jaws-users] deleting events on facebook
I pressed tab couple times and their was the deleate button.

Cheers Michael.

On 19/08/2018 1:08 AM, anna vimini wrote:
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Yes and there was no delete button

Re: [jaws-users] deleting an event on facebook
If you go in to profile then activity you can delete things off your wall.And what your posted on others.

Cheers Michael.

On 18/08/2018 2:28 AM, anna vimini wrote:
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How would I go about deleting an event that I said I was going to from my activity wall on Facebook?

thanks for any help in advance

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