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Ann Byrne

Perhaps it is so there is space between the characters in one cell and the characters in the next one???
I will put that on my Bill Gates list ... along with about a thousand other MS questions. (ahhahaha!)

At 08:15 AM 8/20/2018, you wrote:
Ann, Thank you, I shall give that a try. I still do not understand the decimal number. How can you have .43 of a character?

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Absolutely. You can set column with in Excel to whatever you
like. While in the column you want to change, press alt+h, then o,
then w, and type in the width you want. 8.43 is how many characters
the cell will contain now. JAWS will report the width in points,
though, when you press insert+f.
At 10:40 PM 8/19/2018, you wrote:
I have not needed a spread sheet in over 30 years. I am curious if I can set an excel sheet to have a column width of 10 characters and the 2nd column about 70 characters. The example that I saw had the width set to 8.43 not sure how that relates to characters.
Just thinking the last spread sheet was visa-caluc using jaws for dos on an 386 machine.


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