Feedback Issue in Outlook (Subscription)

Mauricio Molina



2-year old Dell XPS 13 Laptop

Windows 10 version 1803


I have attempted to assist a friend with the following issue when composing, replying, or forwarding an email message in Outlook (Office subscription):


After writing multiple lines in an Outlook message, they do not get any feedback when using the up arrow. In fact, if they are at the bottom of the message and arrow up, the cursor/insertion point does not move; this is verified using the say line command.


Interestingly, they are able to move up or down by paragraph. I did not check if they can move by sentence using Alt+Up or Down Arrow, but even if they could, it would not explain why they cannot move up a line with the up arrow.


They have both JAWS 17 and JAWS 2018 installed and the issue occurs with both versions. I’ve also tried using Eloquence and the Vocalizer 2 voices with the same result.


I’ve changed the format by which the messages are composed from html to rtf and back again with no success.


I tried using different keyboards with the same result.


This does not occur when in Word.


So, does anyone have any suggestions?




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