Issue with Chrome Crashing When Searching Within Amazon, Update

Rebecca Lineberger

I just searched through Amazon again, rather than Google--just to test--and
this time, I got taken right to the search results.
Earlier comment:

I have JAWS 2019, and I thought they'd fixed this. But I just did a product
search from within Amazon to test, and got thrown back to the desktop. I
rarely search from within Amazon, preferring to let Google do the searching.
I just type the word amazon followed by what I'm looking for. Google
provided suggestions, and the link I chose took me right to the product.

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Both my husband and I are using JAWS 2018, and we are finding that every
time we open Amazon within Chrome and do a search for a product, Chrome

Is anyone else noticing this, and if so, have you found a solution?


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