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Rebecca Lineberger

After you found the current conditions, if you continue to arrow down the
page, eventually you should come to words such as today, this afternoon or
tonight. If when the page first loads, instead of pressing t for table, if
you press h for heading, it should take you right to the heading with the
name of your city. After that, when I arrow down, I get the following,
which you should see too, I assume.
Name of my city
New York, NY for example
Current Radar
Radar Map
Zoom into radar image
Zoom into animated radar image
Forecast as of 2:41 PM EDT on March 23, 2019 from station with your zip code
Forecast source: BestForecast -
With conditions for the next few days.
If you can find
Forecast source, either by arrowing to it, or by having JAWS find it by
pressing control-f, then you can add a placemarker so that all you need do
is press k when the page loads to go right to the forecast for today.
To add a placemarker, place the cursor on the line you want.
Note, I had originally used
But the page uses the time of day you happen to be in, so the word today
will not always be there.
Forecast source seems to always be there so that's what I've used.
Press control-shift-k and tab to add.
When you tab, there will be several checkboxes. I checked them both because
I want the mark to be there for all pages and I do want it to be tied to
that specific text. Tab to ok.
As for sending the page to your desktop in IE, when you're on the page with
your weather displayed, press alt-f and arrow up to
Send, submenu.
Press enter.
Now down arrow to shortcut to desktop.
Press enter
It will ask you if you want to put the shortcut on your desktop.
Press enter.

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I found the current conditions for my zip code, but not a forecast. I was
able to put that in My Favorites. I use I E 11. I used the applications key,
arrowed down to the choice for making a short cut and pressed enter.
However, that didn't work to put it on my desktop. Any suggestions?


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When the page comes up, there should be an edit box--press the letter e to
get to it--where you can type in your zip code. There is a fast forecast
button, which seems to have a mind of its own. It sometimes responds to a
press of the enter key and sometimes to a press of the left-click button on
the numpad. Once the new page loads with your local weather, save the page
to your favorites. Control-d followed by a press of the enter key will do
this in both Internet Explorer and Chrome. I can't tell you how to save it
to your Desktop because I don't know what browser you're using. If you have
sighted help, use it to get the page set up and stored where you want it.
Once that's done, it's simple to use if you don't ever want to use that
pesky edit box again.
When the page loads, press t for table.
It will say, observed at, wherever you are, and if you arrow down you'll get
all kinds of information.
If you press h, for heading, or just arrow down, you should get to the
words, forecast as of.
It will give you a description of your current weather conditions for today
and the next couple of days.
You can either tell JAWS to find the word forecast, or put a place marker
There is also a link for US states that will let you look at weather for
selected cities within each state.
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If someone could explain how to use it, that would be nice.


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Awesome! You just made my day!

Thanks a ton!

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