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Sharon S

Hi Gerald, it is all fine and good for you to say just go and spend the 90 dollars and get the latest version of Jaws. This option is currently only open to US customers so the rest of us are out of luck. I’m lucky because I have been able to afford to keep my SMA’s up-to-date but I have many friends who couldn’t afford it so just have to work with what they have. Once the yearly price rolls out to the rest of the world it will be great, but we have no idea when that will happen.


When writing to this list people need to remember that there are people here not in the US so don’t have the same options open to us that those in the US do.


From Shaz.

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Enough already!  Chrome does not work well with versions of JAWS earlier than JAWS 2018.  I don't think it will  work with JAWS 13, as someone on another list claims.  I have tried it with JAWS 16, but it constantly crashes, making it all but unusable.  I really don't understand this infatuation with Chrome.  To me, it is inferior to IE 11in almost every respect.  For anyone who just can't live without Chrome, I suggest upgrading to JAWS 2019 and spending the lousy $90 for the upgrade.





On 3/19/2019 9:23 PM, Mike B wrote:

Hi All,


I'm asking this for an acquaintence who's running J17 & Chrome.  After she opens Chrome, then as soon as she opens settings, Jaws stops responding.  If she walks away from the window, or closes the window, Jaws is fine.  I don't know what she means by walking away from the window but, has anyone had this type of behavior happen using J17 & Chrome?  Does anyone have a fix for this behavior?  All help will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks mooy moocho.

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