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Tina Kurys

I have always installed updates either from the prompt given on booting computer or by going to the help tab on the ribbon of JAWS window. Hadn't ever had a problem until last evening, when the install for the most recent update just quit, at 96% complete. Luckily, my sighted, tech-savy husband was right there. He cancelled the install, uninstalled JAWS 2019, as directed, and downloaded and installed it afresh. I don't think I could have done that by myself. So, I plan to go back and read the entire thread on the topic to find out how to do it more safely in future.

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I just called Technical Support. What happened was protected mode was
checked in Adobe. That's why it didn't work with OCR. I had protected mode
checked. It wasn't because I did the automatic update. I asked about the
automatic updates and I was told that if I feel comfortable with automatic
updates to keep using automatic updates, and most people use automatic

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