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leonard morris

I entered on fire wall in windows 7 but I did not see something stating   after using shift tab turn fire wall on or off. After looking in the various options I entered on the action center and found fire wall options. However, when I use the jaws cursor both of the following items state unavailable.

Note: Here's a windows screen shot of virtualizing the window with Jaws.

Action Center
Installed firewall programs
Name Status
VIPRE Advanced Security On
Windows Firewall Off
Note: Two or more firewalls running at the same time can conflict with each other.
How does a firewall help protect my computer?
Turn on... Update... Close

On 3/19/2019 6:21 AM, Mike B wrote:

Hi Leonard,
Try the following to turn your firewall on:
1. Open the control panel and press the letter, W, until you get to Windows Firewal, and press enter.
2. Shift + Tab to, Turn Windows Firewall On or Off link and press enter.
3. Shift + Tab 1 time to a list of radio buttons, arrow up / down until you hear, Turn on Windows firewall radio button, checked.  You're done so, Alt + F4 your way out.

Take care.  Mike.  Sennt from my iBarstool.
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I am using Jaws 2019 and Windows 7. I get a popup balloon message when I
restart my PC with the following statement. "WINDOWS fire wall is turned
off click here for options." I looked at Windows fire wall advance and
did not understand most of the choices. I just escaped out and made no
changes. Is there anything I should be concerned about regarding this
area of windows as a home user?

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"Every country has an idenity, history, customs,  and culture. It's a unique landscape in determining how its people live, work and play."

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