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This started happening with the release of Jaws2019 when they said they were having Jaws handle the different MS Office versions separately instead of globally.
When I called Vispero supportabout the coordinates setting not working any longer in 2010, they told me that they no longer support any MS Office below 2013.
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Hey Gang.

I’m running jaws 2019, MS 2010, on a 64 bit laptop.

In my excel sheet I don’t want to hear any of the Coordinates. When I had jaws 2018, it worked, and hear is what I did for jaws 2019, but I still hear A1.

What can I do to shut them off?

Thanks Patti


Coordinates shutting off

Works in windows 10, and MS 2010, and above


1, insert V

2, arrow past the edit field

3, press the letter R, reading options

4, arrow down once to

5, cell verbosity content plus Coordinates

6, space bar to content only

7, arrow down to object count, and make sure it’s not checked

8, press enter, and it will put you back in your worksheet




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