my windows sounds go wierd.

michaeel's mail

Hi guys has anyone had their sound on windows 10 go weird.

I got 2 computers and both can play up maybe 3 or 4 times in 20 minutes.

And my other 2 machines never do it.

Or it will run for hours with no problems.

At any time jaws will go silly lots of echo and not responsive.

I have to reboot the computer and all is good till the next time.

I thought it was a jaws problem.

But i tried it out playing music and it still did it.

So when i look in the reliability history i find a few errors that was sent to microsoft saying that windows host process has stopped working or not responding.

Has any oneĀ  had this issue.

I been getting it happen in the last 2 windows 10 versions.

cheers Michael.

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