Re: Microsoft Outlook And Replying To Messages

Sharon S

Hi, I get the same result when trying to type messages at times. Running windows 10, Outlook 16, and Jaws 2018. For me it only happens with some messages and if I alt tab out of it and then alt          back to it I can then write with no problems.


I haven’t been having any issues going up to the subject line however I don’t do that very often so can’t say if it might happen sometimes.


Well better go to bed I think. I have made that many typos in this message I think my body is telling me I need sleep,.


From Shaz.

Canberra, Australia.



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Just a couple ofthings that I have noticed with JAWS 2019 January and Microsoft Outlook 2016.

I Am running Microsoft Windows 10 1809.

Sometimes, when I use ctrl+r to reply to a message, I seem to get a blank line to try my reply but when I start typing, I get messages like no next heading as if it is trying to read a html web page.

Is is not all the time and with all messages.

Also, I am unable to shift+tab back to the message subject field with JAWS if I want to read the subject that way, is anyone else finding this?



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