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I think you will find two of my websites useful if you want to learn Spanish; also, we have an email list with low traffic since it does not allow themes other than those directly related to our podcasts or radio programs, but there you can establish relationships that will help you attain your goal.

First, there is a podcast site, totally accessible since it was created and is maintained by me, who am totally blind. You can navigate it easily with Jaws using mostly headings. It contains:

1. "Entrevistas" or interviews, international in scope, any subject.
2. "Tutoariales" or tutorials, geared for the blind, on Windows, Apple, Smart Phones and other adaptive tech.
3. "Música" or music, remembering long ago composers and performers.
4. "Viajes" or travel, relates virtual visits and legends of many different places.
5. "Poesía" or poems, poems and small bios of poets from different countries.
6. "Libros" or books, interviews with writers, whether they have published one or many books.

You can easily navigate the result page of each of these podcasts, by first pressing 2 until you hear the title of the podcast, then pressing 4 to go from title to title, followed by down-arrow when a title interests you, to find the descriptions and links to listen online or download each.

The second site is which is an internet radio station with varied programs, movies with audio description, ceded to us by ONCE, the National Organization for the Blind of Spain, many cultural programs including languages, you could learn French orEnglish, which is taught by one of our volunteers, a blind man from Philadelphia; there is also humor, including some O.T.R. programs from Cuba, Mexico, Spain and other countries, too many others to list here but the complete list of programs, with date and time of each, is available at the home page.

The mailing list is with Google groups, you may subscribe by sending a blank message to:


When you receive the email confirmation message, simply reply to it without changing anything.

These websites will not only let you practice your hearing, getting accustomed not only to Spanish, but also to the different accents of Spanish-speaking people from many countries, much as would happen in English with people from different regions of this country, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

Most of the interviews however, are carried out by Paqui, a retired lawyer and teacher from Madrid Spain, and I, born and raised in Havana, resident of Florida since 1960.

Hope the above provides entertainment as well as some cultural advancement to you and others, please share with as many people as you all like.

Kind regards,


Humberto Rodriguez
Fort White, Florida

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I would like a jaws 2019 user friendly website for learning Spanish. I'm
a senior citizen but I feel you are never to old to learn something new.
I await your responses. (smile)

"Every country has an idenity, history, customs, and culture. It's a unique landscape in determining how its people live, work and play."

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