Re: Update Screen Inquiry


your right. this dialog has never talked. it just says zero in the list. i have to use narrator or n v d a to read this dialog.
what good is it if jaws won't read it?
when there is a update it will list the version update and a checkbox you check then tab to ok or is it install. then the update will download.
you have to unload all screen readers and wait until the installation starts. then the setup will self talk from that point on.

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Evening all.

Using jaws 2018 on a Dell laptop with Windows 10, I had a screen come up that said, “We have an update for you”. I used the jaws cursor to try to find out more information on it i.e. where it came from, etc. But it would not say anything except blank. Has anyone ever come across such a thing, and if so, what are the recommendations. I pressed the not right now button, and it went away. Thanks much.


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