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Rebecca Lineberger

Well, it would have helped if it had said somewhere that we were in protected view!  LOL.  Then we would have known what to look for in the menu, as we do in MS Word.  Everything works beautifully till they put in an update to fix something else.  Smile. 

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Thank you Rebecca for this information and taking the time to call tech support.


I tried it out and its perfect now! All the files I have that once read before are reading now with JAWS.




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OK, here it is.  I called tech support.  Smile.

Adobe did something that Broke JAWS, as he said, but it’s easily fixed.

Open Adobe, either from the icon on your desktop, or from the start menu.

Press control-k.

Press s till you hear

Security enhanced.

There is a checkbox that says,

Enable protected mode at startup.  It’s checked.  Press the spacebar to uncheck it.

Tab to OK.

Tab to OK again.

Now it works as it should.

I’d gone into this menu when I was trying to find a solution, but I did not go to security enhanced.  That’s why we have tech wizards!






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