Re: Adobe acrobat reader dc stopped reading PDFs

Rebecca Lineberger

I did not think I had a problem, so did not pay attention to this thread.  Sigh.  I tried to open a PDF document saved on my computer this morning, and got resounding silence.  As someone said, the article is there—I used JAWS to recognize the article—but otherwise, it will not speak.  This was an article I’d saved, as I said, so it used to read using Adobe.  I called the friend who’d sent me the article and asked her to check to see if she had access to her Adobe files. She has Windows 10, but 1803, whereas I have 1809.  We both have the current version of JAWS.  Her Adobe files all open and read as they should.  But this used to work with 1809!

I doubt it’s a screen reader issue specific to JAWS because my file would not read using Window-Eyes or Narrator either.  I haven’t tried to open an Adobe file on the internet, so can’t comment on Edge as a means to read it, as I think someone suggested.    

I checked to see if Adobe had updates, and was told not.

This is very frustrating, but at least JAWS provides access through their recognition option.


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