jaws 2019

Marvin Hunkin <startrekvoyager@...>

Hello susan. I have jaws 2019, on a new assus vivo book laptop purchased a couple of months before. No issues, very snappy. And the voices are great. Also google chrome is more accessible, and I have it. Well internet explorer will die one day with windows 10, and so Microsoft is revamping edge to be more like chrome. Do have firefox, but find one issue, on some sites, I have to press the insert links list more then once, two or three times, then it will come up. Maybe a firefox issue. Hardly use internet explorer, mainly use chrome, firefox when I need to, for certain sites, and also Microsoft edge.

Yes, you can upgrade and purchase the jaws home licence if you are in the u.s for $90 per year, then you can have both 2019 and 2018 on the computer.

Just me, I only like having one version of jaws, that’s just me, have been a jaws user since 2005, and did have jaws 8 or 9, with windows 3.1.1 in 1995. Marvin from Australia.

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