Re: Showing Number of Files and Folders in Windows 10

Rebecca Lineberger

Yes, this always works too. Smile. As long as I can remember what the
command to route JAWS to PC is! Insert-minus.
Not remembering, I'd switched to the JAWS cursor, pressed control-home to go
to the top of the page, and arrowed down. This works too, but for some
reason, not all the time. Then I have to remember to turn the PC cursor
back on again. I think I only have trouble with this because Window-Eyes
had the mouse available all the time without having to switch back and
forth. Old habits die hard. Smile.
But as usual, we're given many ways to do the same thing.

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On my system running Windows 10 Home, with the latest build of Jaws 2019,
and the view menu set to list, While focused on any folder, press Alt Enter,
to open the properties dialogue.
Next, simply route Jaws to PC, then use the up arrow to find the number of
files and sub-folders and the total size of the folder.
When you are done, press the Escape key to close the properties dialogue.

Rick Justice

"Tomorrow's another day, another way!"
"and if tomorrow never comes, problem solved!"

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