Re: Editing cells in Excel

Jim Pursley

Insert F2 works for me onJAWS 2019 latest gbuild, Win10 and Office 365/Excel 2016.  But I recall that earlier versions of JAWS may not edit cells well.  JAWS 18 came out in November 2016 and even with its updates it may not do the trick for you in Office 365.

I hope someone else has a better answer for you.

The workaround is to copy the cell to notepad or to a Word file and read it there, character by character.

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I am trying to work with a spreadsheet for our ACB members and I don’t have time for this silliness. I am using JAWS 18 and Office 365.


Problem: I need to edit the contents of a cell. I press F2 to open the edit screen. JAWS will not speak the contents of the cell as I move around in it. In one example, a person moved down the street and the only thing I needed to change was the house number but since I couldn’t hear the contents of the cell when editing, I was forced to type the whole new address. Thanks for your help.


Linda Yacks

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