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Holger Fiallo <hfiallo@...>

News app is difficult to move around. Also when you set up news so you can get notification, after while stop giving you news. They need to work more on it.I like the app in my iPhone but for my PC and jaws again does not work well. Using current jaws and window.

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I've never tried it but have always said that I'd get around to the
weather news and sports apps to see how accessible they might be.
If I remember, I'll talk to Jeff Bishop or others at CSUN from
Microsoft about these apps and their accessibility with JAWS.
We're going to do a CSUN wrap up on the next FSCast so if I get some
interesting responses, we'll include them.
At 10:05 PM 3/7/2019, you wrote:
I know Research It is broken with the weather which is pointless anyway. Has anyone who has Win 10 tried using the Weather universal app successfully with JAWS 2019? I'm going to try this.

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