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Alan Robbins

Rebecca and all with this issue,


I am experiencing the same thing. I don’t think it is a Jaws issue as it has only began with me in last couple of weeks or so. Prior to  that never had this issue. Also, as Dave pointed out and I  confirmed it will do this in jaws 2018 as well where it never did before. I did report it to google as there is a report problem feature I believe under help then about.




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I tried to use Research It to do an Amazon product search just now and was told that no results were found.  I went to Amazon and tried to do the same product search and was rudely pitched back to the Desktop.  When I opened Chrome, I got the same restore pages prompt, saying that Chrome had not closed correctly.

I have Windows 10, 1809 and the latest version of JAWS.  My question is, has anyone reported this to Vispero?  I usually do my product searches from Google, rather than through either Research It or from within Amazon, so hadn’t realized that there was a problem. But I do find that Chrome seems to crash on the NFB Newsline site sometimes when I try to read the full paper instead of opening the paper by categories, where IE works without a problem.

I just did a product search from within Amazon using Chrome and Window-Eyes.  I had no problem.  The results came right up.  Without closing that page, I then exited Window-Eyes and loaded JAWS.  Nothing.  The page had vanished, though the title bar still indicated that the page was open.     

From this, I would say that there is a problem somewhere between JAWS and Chrome.


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I have. Several times in just the past two days.


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Have you gone to the Amazon site and tried to search for an item? If not, give that a try.


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Hi, Dave. I don’t have this problem, and I use Chrome all day long. The difference between our systems, as you report yours, is that I have Windows 10, not 7. Otherwise I have the latest release of JAWS 2019 and the current version of Chrome.


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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Google Chrome Crashing


I have this happening now with regularity...


Windows 7 with JAWS 2019 latest. When I launch Amazon in Google Chrome, and try to do a search in Amazon, Google Chrome crashes. When I launch Google Chrome after that, it tells me it had an unexpected shutdown and to recover. And again an attempt to search within Amazon crashes Google Chrome -- it is consistent.


So I thought I'd try the same scenario with NVDA running instead of JAWS 2019. Works perfectly fine. No crashes at all.


So JAWS 2019 latest build is the culprit this time.


Have not yet tried this with a previous version of JAWS, but will do so and report back.


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From: Steve

Sent: Monday, March 04, 2019 17:12

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The problem is Jaws 16.  Unless, of course, you get the same behavior with Jaws 2019. 

The only time I have issues with Chrome is with Jaws16.4468.




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From: Vicki W


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Subject: [jaws-users] Google Chrome Crashing


Whenever I try to sign into my Google account using Chrome, it crashes and I can't sign in.


If I open IE, it shows me as signed into Google which I could easily do from IE.


As soon as I press the sign in link using Google Chrome, it shuts down and when I try to reopen it, I have the option to restore the page and the message that Chrome did not shut down correctly.


I disabled my antivirus and it made no difference..


I am using Windows 7 with JAWS 16 and 2019.


When I used Chrome a few days ago, it was working fine. I tried to access the help section in Chrome, but it crashed the program then as well.


When I open the browser, it gives me the options of sending in a report or restoring the program. I've done both and it makes no difference.


I am using NOD32 for antivirus.


Where can I go in settings in either program or what do I need to change to make it work.


And yes, I uninstalled the program and reinstalled it. It still came up with the same options.



How can I sign into Google Chrome and what could the issue be? I'm using the latest version of Chrome.






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