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Mike B. <mike9902@...>

Hi Jerry,
I have found that on many sites they say it's a button to download a PDF file but, what actually happens is the button opens the PDF file in a different screen / window and you have to save the file as a PDF file.  When this happens open the file menu with, Alt + F, navigate to Save as, press enter, if you're not in a list of file types tab 1 time to be in the list, arrow up / down to select the PDF option, now tab to the Save button and press the spacebar or enter.  You won't hear any sounds but, look in either your Documents or Download folder for the downloaded file.
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I did as you suggested, and the end result was that it could not be downloaded. As I said in one of my previous messages, I guess I will wait to see what the people who monitor the site will offer as a solution; because the particular link is for downloading a pdf file. Thanks to all those who offered their wisdom and ideas.
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Did you try tabbing to the link, and then using the applications key and entering on
save target as...
Sometimes this only works when you tab to the link, and not when arrowing to it.
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I am using IE 11. And regarding the downloaders folder, yes. I have checked there. Thanks.
From: JM Casey
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Hi Jerry.


What browser are you using?

Also, did you check your downloads folder? The reason I ask is that I have my browsers set to not open pDF files; they just download them for me to access later with Acrobat, qRead or Worde, and that means that when I click on them, nothing appears to happen. This is what I wanted, but it took me a bit to get used to; there were a couple of times I was convinced that nothing at all was happening and so the same PDF file ended up getting downloaded multiple times. Lol




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Afternoon all.


Using Jaws 2018 and Windows 10 on a Dell laptop, I was on a website, and it had a link for a pdf file that you were supposed to be able to open. However, it would not open with either the spacebar or pressing the enter key. Any ideas? Thanks.



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