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Hi David,
Slight correction, to turn the touch cursor off just tap the Numpad plus key twice quickly, no Insert key.  I'm sure you know that and it was just a typo.
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Subject: Re: [jaws-users] Jaws and inaccessible buttons

Hi all!

I use the touch cursor in JAWS to access a lot of information!

You can turn on the touch cursor by pressing:

Shift+Numpad Plus!

To turn it off, just press Insert+Numpad plus twice to go back to the PC cursor.

Now, your arrow keys turn into swipes on a touch screen.

Pressing the right arrow, with the touch cursor turned on, for example, mimics swiping right on the touch screen.

The left arrow swipes left, and so on with the up and down arrow.

This allows the program you are using, to think you are swiping like you do on your touch screen phone!

This really helps a lot to access buttons and controls that you cannot access any other way!

Now, once you arrow to what you want, press enter.

Pressing enter with the touch cursor turned on, is like the double tap on a touch screen.

The program thinks you are performing the double tap by pressing enter with the touch cursor on in JAWS.

It is a huge feature, and it is too bad that more people do not know about its power.

I hope that gets you all started with using the touch cursor in JAWS.

David Moore


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I've never tried this, but can you use the touch cursor?

I'm planning to learn how to myself.

I've heard of people using that before.

  You might also try another browser.

Sometimes, that works.


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Subject: [jaws-users] Jaws and inaccessible buttons


Hello List members.



I am using jaws 2018 and used to work on a local website page for my own business. that website company has updated their page interface and add java script which cause few buttons make inaccessible. I was going through jaws help today and found that jaws also providing support to move mouse cruser (rather then root jaws to pc option) to get on destination button. I used that key strokes alt+shift+right, down,up and left arrows to get my mouse pointer to my desire place, the issue I faced that I still need sighted assistance because that key strokes helps to moving mouse but not read what text is under mouse pointer. I want to know how I can manage to deal with this issue ? Your help would be highly appreciated.


Please note that when I spoted mouse cruser to that button and used simple arrows keys it read that button at that time.



Looking forward to hear back from you on it.



Faraz q.



With best regards,

Faraz q.









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