Re: Has anyone stress tested out edge lately?


Thanks for this observance. I am still using windows 7, but a friend of mine ordered a computer with 10 and it's just causing us so much stress because we're not used to the menus and Edge just doesn't seem to respond well. We put Waterfox in and sometimes we have trouble with jaws checking buttons and it keeps saying graphic a lot. I will put I.E. 11 on her computer, and of course we'll learn other browsers because I know I.E. may not be supported for long. But yeah Edge was not real good to us. Perhaps the update will improve it, at least I hope so. She does like Edge as far as it seems to read or interpret PDF files pretty well.

For those who do use Edge frequently or even Waterfox, should something in configuration be set as far as graphics and something to set for Jaws being able to click buttons?


From: "Ron Kolesar" <>
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Subject: [jaws-users] Has anyone stress tested out edge lately?

Hi to all.
I stress tested out Edge today and here was the results.
First of all, MS disability hotline tells me to stay with IE 11 for now.
But I was stress testing out my role playing game with edge.
1. For some weird reason I'm constantly hearing Colum 3 or what have you and roll 5 and so on.
Would love for that to stop and just what I want to see is up on the screen like in IE 11.
2. I have forms mode set to auto and it will not kick in.
If anyone wants to stress test edge with the RPG, the web page is
You will need java installed to play the game.
You also will need to think of a user name and password.
So there you have it.
Just curious to see what everyone is thinking about edge?
If I remember correctly, there's suppose to be another Win 10 Down load coming in April.
So there you have it from Ron
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