Re: revisiting the I am not a robot checkbox issue

Jim Pursley

I think that Adrian is on to something.  I have a gmail account and for some time I've had no issues with the I'm not a robot quick captcha.  I use Firefox pretty much consistently (Version 65 has been awesome) and still no issues.  But I have Chrome at the ready.  It's an incredible relief to encounter the I'm not a robot captcha without butterflies in the stomach or a feeling that I'm girding up for battle.

On 2/16/2019 4:56 PM, Adrian Spratt wrote:

Joanne, as I recall the gist of that thread, the simplest way around these checkboxes is to register with Google, such as by creating a Gmail account, and to use the Chrome browser, a Google product.


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Sent: Saturday, February 16, 2019 1:39 PM
Subject: [jaws-users] revisiting the I am not a robot checkbox issue


I hadn't followed the thread, but now I'm experiencing the inability to check the box that says I am not a robot. The site I had trouble with today was Nothing I did would check it--routing cursors, clicking with left mouse, and of course the spacing or entering on the button. Is there any kind of work-around I could try? This happened on a friend's windows 10 machine using waterfox. I am going to try it on my windows 7 computer, but does anyone know a trick to get these buttons to activate? The windows 10 machine has the latest jaws, as do I with my windows 7 computer. Waterfox and Edge are on the windows 10 computer, and I don't know if you recommend another browser that might work better with Jaws and windows 10. Could something be set in configuration manager that will remove any graphic or whatever the button may have that makes this impossible?



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