Re: IE and the latest JAWS not working together?

chris judge

And you are doing the folks on this list a disservice by encouraging them to
ignore what has proven to be fact. Next we'll have a bunch of people
scrambling to get use to chrome or firefox when IE becomes unusable, which
it undoubtably will do.

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Noone is trying to put down iE out of spite. The fact is that it's no longer
developed and only receives emergency security patches. That means that the
web is leaving it behind, and has been for quite some time.

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Don't listen to the crowd seariously, your internet browser is your choice.
Now, we have a large bunch of google chrome fanatics that are always trying
to put down internet explorer.
I E works good enough for me and my internet bank has never had a problem,
unless you use a different browser or PC to log on because the iBank
recognize the original setup, Also the only way to get to J2020 is through
2019, it's a good idea to get your Jaws SMA.
When I open I E it opens to the search bar... And control O is the address
bar, which from a website you are on currently you can jump to another
website by pressing control O and type in the website and press enter.
Alt + A opens your I E favorites list, find a saved website and press enter.


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Hi group:

In reading this thread, I'm about to update to Jaws 2019. I have heard from
different people about Chrome and Fire Fox. Which one do you think is
easier to use with Jaws? I'm not tech savvy so I'm trying to find the best
When I open Internet explorer, I have Yahoo as my home page and all I have
to do is hit control O and I can put in the web address. Is any of these
browsers simple like that? Thanks for your help.


On 2/4/2019 7:04 PM, John Gassman wrote:
No, JAWS is not the cause.
IE hasn't been supported for years and its no longer being developed.
You are much better off getting rid of IE and moving to Google Chrome
or firefox.
Window Eyes has not been supported or developed since it became a free
screen reader through Microsoft so it may work with older versions of
IE. But you really should stop using IE and move to a browser that is
being developed and supported.
If you stay with IE, you'll find more and more problems will develop
and eventually it will be unusable.
Mine rarely comes up anymore whether I do a keystroke or hunt for it
using first letter navigation on the desk top.
At 03:52 PM 2/4/2019, you wrote:
Since I updated to the latest version of JAWS, IE is a mess, can't
hardly use it with JAWS.
Has anyone else noticed this. I can switch to window eyes and it
works OK, that is why I think JAWS is the cause.

JAWS Certified, 2014.


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