Re: 1809 has never been pushed-

Don & Cher

I did hear a message about restarting when I turned on the system this morning. As suggested by you all, I looked at the shut down menu and did see the update & restart/shutdown options. I had also looked at the update history to be assured that I was still getting the other updates. I also have an HP system with Intel display drivers- so you all were right on target and very helpful! Thanks much J





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Hi cher,

Windows 1809 is still being rolled out. I have it on one of my computers that just downloaded it about a week ago. My one computer has not received it yet. Just be patient and it will come. Are you receiving security updates and accumulative update? If your computer is receiving security updates then it probably is working fine. Look in the update history to see if you have been receiving security updates.

Mr. Ed



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Subject: [jaws-users] 1809 has never been pushed-


I have never hit the ‘check for updates’ button (as advised) but Microsoft said recently that the update has been pushed to everyone. At one time, I did check that I had a metered connection- but undid that later when I saw that I was not getting the security and virus updates that I needed. In case I missed something, will someone tell me exactly where to go to check any and all settings which might be preventing the update from coming down. When I select the windows update tab in settings, JAWS always reports that my computer is up to date. Thanks for assistance.





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