Re: Issues displaying HTML E-mail messages in Windows Live Mail

Marie <scribbles5@...>

I would suggest you try not using the preview pane. I have been using WLM for several years and use only HTML for reading emails and never had any security problems and the messages read just fine. I know the preview pane gives you a chance to decide whether you want to open the message, but I find it faster to just go ahead and open if the subject is something I am interested in.

From: Victor Gouveia
Sent: Tuesday, February 12, 2019 7:57 PM
To: Jaws List
Subject: [jaws-users] Issues displaying HTML E-mail messages in Windows Live Mail
Hi Folks,
I’m using the latest version of Jaws 2019 and the latest version of Windows Live Mail, and usually, when I read my mail, I use the preview pane, though I read my mail in plain text.
Often though, when I want the message to take me to a website or a link within the message, I’ll switch it to HTML view, but as of 2019, when ever I do this switch to HTML, I can’t get past the first line, and the Jaws message reports zero links in the message, even though I know there are plenty.
I’ve checked my window size, and it’s maximized and I still can’t read my messages.
The same happens when I open the message instead of reading it in the preview pane, I still can’t get past the first line in the message.
This used to happen with 2018, but I just thought this was an issue with my fifteen year-old computer and not Jaws, and it also didn’t happen all the time and occasionally, when I switched windows, the issue would go away.  Now, no matter how many times I switch applications, it doesn’t let me read the message.
Does anyone know if this is a bug in Jaws, or is there a setting I can change that will fix this?

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