Re: alternatives for spell check in Office 2016

Adrian Spratt

I've been experimenting with the first method you explain last week. Here's my question. Once you perform an action on a misspelled word, the list disappears. Have you found a way of keeping the list intact so you can keep moving down it, or do you need to bring it up each time?

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JAWS has some special keys for accessing misspelled words.

1. Pressing alt+shift+l will list misspelled words. To correct a word, press enter on it and use the context menu (applications key?
right click) to list available options.

2. Press insert+z to turn on quick keys, then press 'm' to move to the first misspelled word. To correct the word, press insert+z to turn off quick keys, then use the applications (context) menu to see the list of options. To check for the next word, insert+z again, then 'm'. Remember that insert+z prevents your typing into the document.

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