Re: Using Outlook 365 with JAWS

Ann Byrne

Using internet explorer, alt-h takes me to internet explorer help. Do I need to do something to show the outlook ribbon? it isn't there.

At 03:39 PM 2/9/2019, you wrote:
Alt h takes you to the home button in the ribbons

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Control-y doesn't go to the folder list. control-d says 'add to favorites'.
So it's going to the internet explorer menu instead of the ribbon for
outlook. How do I get to the stinkin' ribbon????

The delete key works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't. could it have to
do with virtual cursor being on or off? sometimes it works right away and
sometimes not. I can't figure out what I am doing differently.
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I'm new to it too- but would suggest you look at the free training for
JAWS and Outlook from FS. In the meantime- Control-Y should bring up a
dialog which will allow you to go to any mailbox folder.
If an email is open, Control-D will delete it.
If the message is closed, delete should work.

Hope this helps you get started.


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Subject: [jaws-users] Using Outlook 365 with JAWS

The college uses Outlook 365 for email. When I press the delete key,
sometimes the item is deleted and sometimes it isn't. When I press the
applications key, sometimes the menu displayed includes delete, but
sometimes it is the internet explorer menu showing back, forward, etc.
I haven't seen the list of mailboxes anywhere.
The checkbox with the email doesn't show with either JAWS, NVDA, or

If somebody could give me clues as to how to operate the beast, I would
appreciate it. If I could figure out how to access Outlook Light
instead of Outlook Obnoxious, that would be even better. Perhaps
because it's the college, I don't have that option.



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