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Fred Adams <w4hc@...>

I owe an apology to the list. I thought my problem was narrator but it
turned out to be NVDA . I noticed an NVDA icon on my desktop and I knew
that I did not put it there so I went to control panel to program and
features and found NVDA and uninstalled it and now everything is fine. My
pology to the list and thanks to all that tried to help me. The Microsoft
tech that was helping me put the NVDA icon on my desktop..

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I am using W 10, jaws 2019 and
chrome browser and can not
find way to turn off narrator.
About 10 days ago I had a
computer crash that took out
everything pretty much except
some files and folders. With
Microsoft handicap help I have
about 75 percent back to
normal. In helping me the
technician used narrator and
NVDA but failed to turn off
narrator after finishing.
When I boot up or shutdown the
computer narrator doubles with
jaws and I can not find
setting to turn off narrator.
If someone could tell me how
to do this I would greatly
appreciate it. I have gone
through the Ease of access
settings but found nothing. I
never use narrator so I am not
very familiar with it. Will
appreciate any help.

Thanks much,


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