Re: Comments and tracking changes in office 2016 365

Nino Dagostino


Make sure that comments is on when you are in word press the alt key and let up on it then type r and type td there a lot of items in this dialog box you will see a button for new you can also press (alt r c) to be able to put a comment in.

Don’t type the () I just used that so you would see what to type.

To list your comments in Jaws press ( control and shift ant the appostrafy) and you will be presented with a list of comments.

Hopefully this will get you going.

Deleteing comments was tricky for me.

I will send you another email I have to look back at my notes.

Have a good day.

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Hi listers,

How do I read comments and track changes in office?

I'm using latest jaws 2018 and office 2016 365

thanks for any help.

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