Re: 1809 has never been pushed-

chris judge

It seems to be coming fast and furious now. I got the update on 2 of my computers in the last few days, and when I came in to work this morning, both our training computers had updated.


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I’m no expert, but one thing that’s become clear on another list is that it’s wisest for most of us not to check for updates and to let them come as MS chooses to send them.


That said, I haven’t heard that everyone has been updated to 1809. I’m still at 1803. I’d like to move up to 1809 only because of the changes to Narrator and so that I can follow what people say about it.




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Subject: [jaws-users] 1809 has never been pushed-


I have never hit the ‘check for updates’ button (as advised) but Microsoft said recently that the update has been pushed to everyone. At one time, I did check that I had a metered connection- but undid that later when I saw that I was not getting the security and virus updates that I needed. In case I missed something, will someone tell me exactly where to go to check any and all settings which might be preventing the update from coming down. When I select the windows update tab in settings, JAWS always reports that my computer is up to date. Thanks for assistance.





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