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Hi Glenn,
What I did was open IE11 and press, Insert + H, to open the hot keys list but, after listening to all the hot keys I didn't hear anything about a skip menus keystroke.  This doesn't mean I didn't so    open your browser of choice invoke the keystroke and listen close.  I would suggest slowing your Jaws speaking rate a little so you hear them a little more clearly and they won't run together so bad.
Take care.  Go Rams!
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Subject: [jaws-users] finding closed menus

It would be all the same for all browsers, but using Chrome and Windows 7, when on a page with closed menus, is there a quick key to jump from menu to menu?
It's not a button, even though it often says button menu.
I know I can open them with the space bar, I would just like to jump from one menu to another on a web page.

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