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Hi LeDon,
Here you go:
this description only works for the premium voices.
Compact voices are installed in a bundle so you cannot install them
using this feature.
You can however, uninstall the compact voices using this new feature.

If you are using the current JAWS release.
Open the JAWS context menu, Insert + J, then open options, down arrow to voices and press enter.

Then down arrow to add/remove voices and press enter once again.
You'll land in a list box of all the languages available.
The default is probably English.
Tab to Premium voices Multi select list box.
You'll be in a list of all the voices available for the language you
have chosen. You can down arrow or use first letter navigation to get
to the voice you want. In your case N for Nathan.
If Nathan were already installed, JAWS would tell you so.
Alt P will play a sample of Nathan or you can tab to the play button
and press enter if you want to hear that sample.
Tab again and you'll hear install selected voices button, press enter
and Nathan will download.
the download may take a while but the actual installation is pretty quick.
If you tab again you'll hear Additional options, remove a voice button.
Tabbing again will bring you to remove all voices button.
And a final tab will allow you to close the dialog box.
Eric, Larry and I will demonstrate this new feature along with
correcting mistakes in word and also the auto correct feature later
this week on FSCast 166.

Take care.  Go Rams!
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Where is the options menu where you can find the voices?


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Instead of utilities, use the Options menu, voices, and you will find the option to sample and install voices.




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Hi guys i was going to add a new vocle iser voice but can not work it out.

Now its changed   i go to jaws settings and then utilities then sinthersizers and braill then i see a list of sintherzzizers but can not work out how to add more.

Cheers Michael.

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