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Hi Pam,
Here you go:
From: Ann Byrne 
1.  Settings center, Insert + 6, on the number row above the main keyboard.
2. Control + Shift+ D, for (default all applications)
3. Down Arrow to, web/html/pdf's   closed, right arrow to open.
4. Down arrow to, reading (closed), right arrow to open.
5. Down arrow to, configure web verbosity levels (closed), right arrow to open.
6. Down arrow to, Medium..., press the spacebar to open, this is where the sucker is hiding!!!  Down arrow to , List, and uncheck it.
Take care.  Go Rams!
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Could you please repeat where to find this setting?  I am not finding it and I can't locate the original email.

Thanks much,

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Thanks, Rick. However, this isn't the kind of list I had in mind. It's one I don't want to lose, and like many of us, I wish I had it in Outlook. What I was looking for turns out to be "Web verbosity," which Ann uncovered. One website I regularly visit suddenly added lists and nestled lists within lists to it weekly updates, and it was too distracting. Now there are no lists, nestling or otherwise, and I can focus my attention on the information.

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To stop Jaws from reading the number of an item while arrowing thru a list, Go to the Jaws settings center, then speech verbosity, then configuration.
In the list of items, (number 17) position information, uncheck the box, and save your settings on the way out.
Jaws will still announce the location of the item when using the say-all command.
This worked for me in Jaws 2019.

Rick Justice

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