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Howdy Señor Edwardo,
If you want to copy the text without all the formatting try the following
1. Open Chrome and then, press, Insert + V, to open Jaws quick settings
2. Arrow down to, Virtual Cursor Options, if it's closed, right arrow to open.
3. Arrow down to, Select and Copy.... and you'll hear either,  Select & copy From Virtual Cursor or, Select & copy from Full content using onscreen highlight.
4. If you hear, Select & copy from Full content using onscreen highlight, press the spacebar to toggle this to, Select & copy from virtual cursor, now tab to, Okay, press enter to save and close.
Take care.  Go Rams!
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Hi All,

Seem to me someone posted something that had to be changed so you could copy info in Chrome and paste it in Word. Does anyone remember what had to be change either in Chrome or Jaws to make this happen? I am asking this question for another person.

Mr. Ed

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