Re: jaws and yahoo mail;


Hello Jorge;

you're absolutely right, unfortunately, finding this button to enable is very difficult.

I solve my issue doing the following;



If anyone is interested in using the Microsoft online tech support;

I have shortened the URL:

go to:


on this page, you'll need to provide your Microsoft username,

most likely you're email, or phone number,

go to next,

now you need to provide your password,

go next,


now you're being connected to a representative.

Note, I was at first a little reluctant, but I decided to surge on.

once you are connected,

you have a little text chat with the tech, outlining your problem.

note, jaws works well with the texting.

most likely, the tech will ask if you want a remote access session,

if you say yes,

a link, and a code are provided.

before you enter on the link, you need to copy the code to clipboard.

the link is something like,


once you enter on the link,

the next task is to find the I agree button to the license agreement.


when this is done, you then need to put your code in, this will then allow you to install some temporary remote software.

your now finally able to be remotely accessed by the tech.


hope this helps someone.



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Hi David,

Everything sounded good, but when you select less secure apps must be turn on. I had the same issue with Google.




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Subject: [jaws-users] jaws and yahoo mail;


Good morning all;

perhaps someone has an answer here.  A client of mine wishes to use his yahoo email account in outlook 2016.


we are able to setup the email account, however it's not excepting the password. then I learned, you need to go into the info account settings, choose account security settings, then choose allow less secure apps.

however, I don't see any checkbox to check. has yahoo stopped access?


the email settings used are,

incoming server:

outgoing server:

incoming port:  993 ssl/tls,

outgoing port:  465 or, 587 ssl/tls,

we are able to sign into his account on the web.



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