problem filling out passwords in Jaws with google chrome

Davy Cuppens

HI Jaws user list.
Since a month now I’ve been working as a newbe with jaws2019 at the reception of our town hall.
We use a document management system called mycorsa which is not a car (grin). It is a web application that has to be accessed from Google Chrome.
I have to check my mails and allow them to the particular services working for the town council. To grant those mails I have to register them in that mycorsa dms system, therefore I go to the menu item “save in Mycorsa” which is implemented in my office2016 Outlook. Then google chrome opens itselves and asks for my username and password. But since this morning this is nolonger possible. Sighted collegues say everything is normal on the screen and now I found out that I had to minimize Mycorsa going back to my folder view on desktop and shift tabbing back.
After doing so, chrome and the mycorsa app acts just normal again prompting me for my user data.
Nothing has been altered. Has there maybe been any updates for chrome or the win10 ios making differences in accessibility?
I have checked my outlook and mycorsa are always maximised in the screen.
Any other ideas?

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