Re: jaws and yahoo mail;


Hi David,

Everything sounded good, but when you select less secure apps must be turn on. I had the same issue with Google.




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Subject: [jaws-users] jaws and yahoo mail;


Good morning all;

perhaps someone has an answer here.  A client of mine wishes to use his yahoo email account in outlook 2016.


we are able to setup the email account, however it's not excepting the password. then I learned, you need to go into the info account settings, choose account security settings, then choose allow less secure apps.

however, I don't see any checkbox to check. has yahoo stopped access?


the email settings used are,

incoming server:

outgoing server:

incoming port:  993 ssl/tls,

outgoing port:  465 or, 587 ssl/tls,

we are able to sign into his account on the web.



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