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I'm no help either, though I tried. I look through all of the settings and didn't find anything. You accomplish what you want with html tables using alt+windows up and down arrows, but I haven't located a duplication of that for standard list views. If you find a way, care to share?

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On 1/22/2019 6:46 PM, Marie wrote:
Sorry, this does not accomplish the task.

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Set Windows Explorer folders to Detailed view.

On 1/22/19, Marie <scribbles5@...> wrote:
Oh yes we know you can arrow right to see the info but he wants to hear it
for each item as he goes down the list. I can’t think of any setting in the
view menu which would address this scenario.

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I believe it in the view menu, but also, when on an item, if you arrow
right, then it does read such things as date, type of file etc.


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A friend has asked if there is still a setting in Jaws to have all the
column information spoken when arrowing down through the file list in File
explorer. He said that in the past this was possible but he can not find the
setting in the current version of Jaws.



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