Re: folder pane minimized in Outlook 2013


Hello Cherri

I presume you have tried coming out of Outlook and re-opening it?


Control 1 should take you to your inbox

Control 2 to your Outlook Calendar

Control 3 to your address book.


I personally use control y to take me to a list of Outlook folders and right arrow on Google mail which then offers me a list of sent, bin, pending etc.


If I want to quickly return to the inbox I either use control 1 or control shift i.


Below are some notes I made on Outlook when first coming to Jaws:



set the reading pane either to bottom or off for best compatibility between JAWS and Outlook.  In addition, you can make some changes from the quick settings dialog, which is activated with insert+V.


Read list status: Jaws Key+Tab or say line (Jaws Key+NumPad 8).


read line hotkey : insert+up arrow.


Read current line: insert+up arrow,


Access an attachment: open mail and shift plus tab then press context menu or alt down arrow for options.


Access sent from field: alt 1

Access date sent field: alt 2

Access sent to field: alt 3

Access c.c. field: alt 4

Access subject field; alt 5 (alt 5 twice to move focus)

Below are some notes



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