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Marie <scribbles5@...>

The point is that he said the setting was in Jaws, not in Windows.

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I think you are stuck with doing it this way. I have just tried both in Documents and Windows Explorer and going to view and entering on details doesn’t change anything – you still have to arrow across to find the information you want.




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Yes I have used the method you describe in many instances but he wants to see them all and says he used to be able to do that with a Jaws setting.




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There is a sort of work around.  No, JAWS won’t read across the categories as you arrow down the list of files or folders. But if you’re just interested in hearing any one of the categories--the date, the type or the size—arrow over to the category you want, and then when you arrow down, JAWS will read the name and information in the category you chose with the right arrow key.  Obviously, the left arrow will select too if you change your mind

and want date instead of size for example.  This also works if you’ve searched for files—all your files with JAWS hints for example.  Here you can get the path information as well as the information normally available in File Explorer. 

If you press enter on anything, you have to reset your left/right arrows to where you had them.

I often place mine on date.  This makes it really easy to select the folders and sometimes just files I need to back up since the last time I did it.  I prefer to back up data this way rather than using a program.  JMO.  Smile.





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